1: 1. "The Devil Wears Prada" portrays Anne Hathaway as a young woman navigating the fashion world with an overbearing boss played by Meryl Streep.

2: 2. "Les Misérables" showcases Hathaway's emotional depth as she sings her heart out in the iconic role of Fantine.

3: 3. In "The Princess Diaries," Hathaway transforms from a nerdy teenager into a princess with comedic charm.

4: 4. "Bride Wars" sees Hathaway in a hilarious rivalry with Kate Hudson as they both plan their dream weddings.

5: 5. "Ella Enchanted" features Hathaway as a spunky heroine with a curse that forces her to obey any command.

6: 6. "Love & Other Drugs" explores Hathaway's chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal in a romantic comedy about love and pharmaceutical sales.

7: 7. Hathaway shines in "The Intern" as she mentors Robert De Niro's character in a heartwarming tale of friendship and second chances.

8: 8. "Rachel Getting Married" showcases Hathaway's dramatic prowess as she struggles with addiction and family drama.

9: 9. "Colossal" presents Hathaway in a unique role as a woman who discovers a bizarre connection to a giant monster wreaking havoc on Seoul.