1: Discover the truth behind common grandparenting myths, debunked for good.

2: Myth: Spoiling grandkids is a must. Fact: Boundaries are key for healthy relationships.

3: Myth: Grandparents are outdated. Fact: Modern grandparents are tech-savvy and fun.

4: Myth: Grandparents should always take the backseat. Fact: They have valuable wisdom to offer.

5: Myth: Grandparents can't be disciplinarians. Fact: Setting rules teaches respect.

6: Myth: Grandparents only babysit. Fact: Their role can also include mentoring and guiding.

7: Myth: Grandparents should always agree with parents. Fact: Healthy disagreements foster growth.

8: Myth: Grandparents are too old to play active roles. Fact: They can be active and engaged in various activities.

9: Myth: Grandparents are a burden. Fact: They are a source of love, support, and wisdom.