1: Taylor Swift's Most Underrated Bops Songs That Deserve More Recognition

2: "Treacherous" - A haunting melody that showcases Swift's vulnerability and raw emotion.

3: "Enchanted" - A dreamy track with enchanting lyrics that captivate listeners.

4: "Holy Ground" - An upbeat anthem celebrating past love with optimism and gratitude.

5: 'The Lucky One' - A powerful ballad that reflects on the sacrifices of fame.

6: "State of Grace" - An electrifying rock-infused track that showcases Swift's versatility.

7: "Begin Again" - A heartfelt ballad about starting over and finding hope in new beginnings.

8: "Long Live" - An anthemic tribute to Swift's fans and the memories they've shared.

9: "So It Goes..." - A sultry and mysterious track that showcases Swift's seductive side.