1: Start your day right with a nutrient-packed Vietnamese breakfast. Discover six delicious recipes for busy people looking to trim their waistline.

2: Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, is a filling and low-calorie breakfast option. Customize it with lean protein and plenty of veggies.

3: Banh mi, a popular Vietnamese sandwich, can be made healthier by using whole grain bread and lean protein like grilled chicken or tofu.

4: Bun cha, a Vietnamese noodle dish, is a flavorful breakfast choice that can be lightened up by using lean meat like pork tenderloin.

5: Com tam, broken rice with grilled pork, is a satisfying breakfast option for slimming down. Opt for less oil and plenty of fresh herbs.

6: Xoi, sticky rice, is a comforting Vietnamese breakfast choice. Add protein like steamed chicken and fiber-rich vegetables for a balanced meal.

7: Banh xeo, savory Vietnamese pancakes, are a tasty breakfast option. Fill them up with shrimp, lean pork, and plenty of veggies.

8: Banh cuon, steamed rice rolls, are a light and healthy Vietnamese breakfast. Serve them with lean protein like grilled fish or tofu.

9: Egg coffee, a unique Vietnamese drink, is a delicious way to start your day. Enjoy it in moderation as part of a balanced breakfast for a slimmer waistline.