1: Simone Biles, Olympic gymnast, switches from Nike to Athleta for partnership.

2: Athleta, a female-focused brand, offers Biles a platform to empower women.

3: Biles cites Athleta's women-centric values as reason for the move.

4: Athleta celebrates championing female athletes through empowering sponsorships.

5: The shift marks Biles’ commitment to supporting female-driven brands.

6: Athleta's partnership with Biles underscores their dedication to women's empowerment.

7: Biles' move to Athleta signals a shift towards gender-focused sponsorships.

8: Athleta's focus on female athletes aligns with Biles' values of empowerment.

9: Biles' partnership with Athleta reinforces her dedication to supporting women in sports.