1: Is your iPhone 15 not charging? Try restarting or cleaning the charging port for a quick fix.

2: Low storage space? Delete unused apps and clear cache to free up storage on your iPhone 15.

3: Screen frozen? Force restart by holding the power and volume buttons until the Apple logo appears.

4: Camera not working? Update the software or reset camera settings on your iPhone 15.

5: Poor battery life? Disable background app refresh and adjust display settings to conserve battery.

6: Wi-Fi connection issues? Forget and rejoin the network, or reset network settings on your iPhone 15.

7: Slow performance? Close unused apps and clear RAM by restarting your iPhone 15.

8: No sound from speakers? Check volume settings and remove any debris blocking the speaker grills.

9: Face ID not working? Re-register your face or reset Face ID settings for a quick solution on your iPhone 15.