1: NBA's Hall of Shame Learn about the 10 dirtiest players who crossed the line on the court.

2: 10) Latrell Sprewell Known for aggressive play and physical altercations with coaches.

3: 9) Metta World Peace Formerly known as Ron Artest, infamous for the Malice at the Palace incident.

4: 8) Dennis Rodman Famously eccentric, known for his physical and confrontational style of play.

5: 7) Bruce Bowen Renowned for his tough defense and controversial tactics on the court.

6: 6) Bill Laimbeer Nicknamed the "Prince of Darkness," notorious for his physical play and dirty tactics.

7: 5) Ron Artest Now Metta World Peace, his aggressive play led to various suspensions throughout his career.

8: 4) Kevin Garnett Known for his intense demeanor and trash-talking, often pushing the boundaries of sportsmanship.

9: 3) Draymond Green His fiery personality and on-court antics have earned him a reputation as a dirty player.