1: Sip on these non-alcoholic Vermouth drinks for a refreshing twist on classic cocktails. Perfect for any occasion.

2: Try the Vermouth Spritz with soda water and an orange slice for a bubbly treat.

3: The Cherry Fizz combines cherry juice, club soda, and a splash of Vermouth for a sweet and fizzy drink.

4: Mix up a Pineapple Paradise with pineapple juice, coconut water, and Vermouth for a tropical escape in a glass.

5: Enjoy a Grapefruit Mojito mocktail by muddling mint leaves, grapefruit juice, and Vermouth for a citrusy kick.

6: The Berry Bliss is a mix of mixed berries, ginger ale, and Vermouth for a fruity and bubbly treat.

7: Indulge in a Peach Bellini mocktail by blending peach puree, sparkling water, and Vermouth for a peachy delight.

8: The Watermelon Refresher combines watermelon juice, soda water, and Vermouth for a refreshing summer drink.

9: Wow your guests with these non-alcoholic Vermouth drink recipes that are sure to impress even the most discerning cocktail connoisseur.