1: "Anne Hathaway's career started with 'The Princess Diaries'. A charming debut for the talented actress."

2: "Next came 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Hathaway's role as Andy Sachs was iconic."

3: "Then 'Becoming Jane' showcased her versatility as an actress playing Jane Austen."

4: 'Rachel Getting Married' earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress."

5: 'Loved in 'Les Misérables'. Hathaway's performance as Fantine was exceptional."

6: "The Dark Knight Rises' solidified Hathaway as a blockbuster star playing Catwoman."

7: 'Interstellar' showcased her talent in a sci-fi epic alongside Matthew McConaughey."

8: 'The Intern' proved Hathaway's on-screen chemistry with Robert De Niro."

9: 'Colossal' pushed the boundaries of her acting range in a unique monster movie."