1: Indulge in the creamy goodness of spinach casserole with a twist of artichokes and feta cheese. Perfect for potlucks!

2: Impress your friends with a savory spinach and bacon casserole. A comforting dish for any gathering.

3: Try a healthy twist on spinach casserole with quinoa and chickpeas for a protein-packed option.

4: Elevate your potluck game with a spinach and mushroom casserole, bursting with umami flavors.

5: For a decadent treat, whip up a spinach and cheese casserole that will be a crowd-pleaser.

6: Go green with a spinach and pesto casserole, a refreshing and flavorful dish for your next potluck.

7: Add a kick to your potluck spread with a spicy spinach and chorizo casserole that will leave guests wanting more.

8: For a lighter option, try a spinach and artichoke casserole with a creamy greek yogurt sauce.

9: Get a taste of the Mediterranean with a spinach and feta casserole that will transport you to Greece.