1: Discover 7Min Vietnamese Diet-Friendly BBQ Ideas for a flavorful summer feast.

2: Grilled lemongrass chicken skewers with a zesty peanut dipping sauce.

3: Marinated tofu and veggie kebabs for a healthy and satisfying meal.

4: Charred corn salad with fresh herbs and a tangy lime dressing.

5: Banh mi burgers with pickled veggies and sriracha mayo on the side.

6: Coconut curry shrimp packets with bell peppers and pineapple.

7: Vietnamese-style beef lettuce wraps with a spicy hoisin dipping sauce.

8: Banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) stuffed with veggies and herbs for a light option.

9: End your BBQ with sweet and sticky grilled bananas for a tropical treat.