1: Introduction Discover 7 mango salsa inspired cocktails to elevate your summer. Mix up your routine with these refreshing and fruity drinks.

2: Mango Margarita Kick back with a tropical twist on a classic margarita. This mango salsa version is perfect for sipping by the pool.

3: Spicy Mango Mojito Add a kick to your mojito with spicy jalapenos and sweet mango salsa. This cocktail will have you coming back for more.

4: Mango Pineapple Sangria Sip on a glass of tropical paradise with this mango pineapple sangria. Refreshing and delightful, it's perfect for summer gatherings.

5: Mango Mint Julep Upgrade your julep game with a splash of mango salsa. The sweet and minty flavors will have you feeling like a Kentucky Derby winner.

6: Mango Coconut Cooler Cool off with a refreshing mango coconut cooler. This tropical delight will transport you to a beachside paradise with every sip.

7: Mango Passion Martini Indulge in a fruity martini with a twist of passionfruit and mango salsa. This cocktail is sure to impress at any summer soiree.

8: Mango Basil Gin Smash Get smitten with the flavors of mango and basil in this gin smash cocktail. Perfect for a hot summer day.

9: Conclusion Don't settle for boring cocktails this summer. Try these mango salsa inspired drinks to elevate your refreshment game. Cheers to a summer like never before!