1: Mango salsa with avocado and cilantro adds a creamy touch to fish tacos.

2: Spicy mango salsa with jalapenos and lime gives a kick of flavor to tacos.

3: Mango and pineapple salsa combination brings a tropical twist to fish tacos.

4: Sweet and tangy mango salsa with red onions and bell peppers is a perfect topping.

5: Mango salsa with black beans and corn adds a hearty and nutritious element.

6: Fresh mango salsa with cucumber and mint provides a refreshing taste to tacos.

7: Mango salsa with coconut and ginger creates a unique and exotic flavor profile.

8: Savory mango salsa with tomatoes and garlic enhances the taste of fish tacos.

9: Experiment with different mango salsa combinations to elevate your weeknight dinners.