1: Feeling tired? Try these 5-minute Mediterranean lunches for a quick energy boost.

2: Sardine salad with lemon and olive oil - a magnesium-packed meal for busy girls.

3: Avocado and chickpea wrap - a delicious and nutritious lunch choice for weight loss.

4: Mediterranean quinoa salad - a filling and healthy option for busy 30s women.

5: Greek yogurt with honey and almonds - a quick and easy magnesium-rich meal.

6: Mediterranean tuna sandwich - packed with protein and magnesium for a satisfying lunch.

7: Stuffed bell peppers with feta and olives - a flavorful Mediterranean lunch option.

8: Sprouted grain bowl with veggies - a nutrient-dense meal for busy 30s women.

9: Mediterranean veggie wrap - a quick and tasty lunch choice rich in magnesium.