1: Stay on track with winter weight loss goals by enjoying these low-calorie snacks.

2: Satisfy your cravings with air-popped popcorn, a filling and guilt-free snack.

3: Warm up with a bowl of vegetable soup, a nutritious and low-calorie option.

4: Indulge in Greek yogurt topped with berries for a protein-packed snack.

5: Need a crunch? Reach for carrot sticks with hummus, a satisfying and low-calorie choice.

6: Enjoy a handful of almonds for a heart-healthy snack that's perfect for weight loss.

7: Snack smart with rice cakes topped with avocado for a delicious and low-calorie treat.

8: Craving something sweet? Try a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate for a guilt-free dessert.

9: Swap out sugary treats for these low-calorie snack options and see the pounds melt away.