1: 1. Crumbl Cookies has over 100 rotating cookie flavors. 2. Each week, Crumbl introduces new flavors in their stores.

2: 3. The cookies are made from scratch daily to ensure freshness. 4. Crumbl Cookies has gained a massive following on social media.

3: 5. Crumbl's famous pink box packaging is instantly recognizable. 6. Customers can order online and have cookies delivered to their doorstep.

4: 7. Crumbl Cookies offers a special flavor of the week. 8. The cookies are known for their large size and gooey centers.

5: 9. Crumbl Cookies was founded in 2017 in Utah. 10. Crumbl has expanded to over 200 locations nationwide.

6: 11. The cookies are best enjoyed warm and fresh out of the oven. 12. Crumbl Cookies offers gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

7: 13. Crumbl Cookies also offers ice cream sandwiches made with their cookies. 14. The company values quality ingredients and exceptional customer service.

8: 15. Crumbl Cookies has a unique rotating menu, keeping customers excited for new flavors. 16. The company has a dedicated fan base that loves sharing their Crumbl experience on social media.

9: 17. Crumbl Cookies' innovative flavors and packaging set them apart in the cookie industry. 18. Visit a Crumbl Cookies store near you to taste the delicious cookies for yourself.